The Fresh Start Cleanse

The Fresh Start Cleanse

The Fresh Start Cleanse

The words cleanse and detox are now a part of our dietary landscape and the list of methods for cleansing just keeps growing. While many are focused on juice only and fasting as a quick way to eliminate toxins, which may be great for some, the heavy restrictions make it impossible for some and totally undesirable or others.

For those of us seeking a more balanced way to cleanse our body, Heather has developed a cleanse that focuses on cleaning up your system using nourishing foods and supplements. She believes a cleanse is not about starving ourselves, it’s quite the opposite. It is about resetting our eating habits by transitioning back to a cleaner, less-processed and more whole foods-based way of eating.

Because the gut is often directly involved with many of today’s health issues, it seems that adopting a lifestyle focused on clean eating may serve not only to cleanse the body, but a way to stave off future disease by supporting a healthy immune system.

Why cleanse?

Our bodies are exposed to hundreds of harmful toxins and chemicals in our air, water and environment every day. Many of these toxins, such as heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides have demonstrated harmful cancerous, reproductive, metabolic and mental health effects. When we eliminate inflammatory foods such as gluten, refined sugar, pasteurized dairy products and alcohol from our diets, we reduce the amount of energy it takes for our bodies to digest, thereby freeing us to process and eliminate toxins and excess nutrients stored in our cells.

Cleansing has been credited for increasing energy, mental clarity, and immunity while reducing inflammation. Weight loss is another positive effect that often occurs when inflammatory and foods are reduced, and the body begins to thrive on the nutrient dense foods being added.

Ready to get started?

I highly recommend Heather’s Fresh Start Cleanse as a base for building a lifetime of healthy eating habits. You can access her course here.

To fresh starts and clean living!

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