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Students can expect to learn the basics of a healthy pregnancy journey, as well as self care and support options, what to eat, what supplements our doctors recommend, how to move and prepare for labor and baby position, common issues that arise and what to do about them, and get access to our SuNu-approved resources.

This course is different than the millions of mom blogs and google MD’s out there! Researching topics like pregnancy, fertility, and postpartum issues can be very overwhelming as it is difficult to decipher legitimate sources of information, as it seems like everyone has an opinion on pregnancy and birth.

Our experts combine backgrounds in Chinese Medicine and bodywork, as well as our licensed holistic doctors of chiropractic and integrative nutritionists to bring you solid information we’ve seen success with in our Women’s Health practices. Between our clinicians (who are also mothers as well!), we’ve got several decades of education and practice! We’re willing to “go there,” to discuss the stuff nobody talks about regarding your health, and provide options and solutions in a super non-judgmental space.


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