Community Soundbath with Craniosacral Therapy

SuNu combines two healing modalities to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The benefits of Tibetan Sound Therapy has been felt for thousands of years. Craniosacral Therapy works to tap into the body’s natural ability to heal and restore itself while enhancing the profound mind-body connection. Kristin and Connie have an authentic and intuitive ability to sync their specific healing gifts and create a new platform of energetic connection.

Join us at our Minnetonka location for this very special event!
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Did you know that offers pediatric acupuncture services? @sunuwellness is so honored to have Adrienne on the Team. Her diverse training, impressive variety of techniques, and her depth of knowledge make her an incredible asset to every client's health and wellness. ⁠
@dr.caitdc is accepting new chiropractic patients! Dr. Cait practices out of the Linden Hills @sunuwellness office. She is highly skilled as a Doctor with more trainings, certifications and specialties than we can list. Dr. Cait has been such a gift to the SuNu Community. She's energetic, charismatic and insightful. If you're not receiving your chiropractic care at SuNu, it's time. Click the link to learn more about working with Dr. Cait and Chiropractic services at Sunu Wellness. ⁠
Rachael offers Reiki Services at @sunuwellness Linden Hills. @cosmicartichoke is a level II Reiki Practitioner and has helped many clients enhance their holistic health and wellness through her Reiki energy work. Rachael is happy to offer FREE consults. Reiki is complex and the experience is individual based on a person's needs, constitution and vulnerability. While it is a non-invasive, gentle, healing experience, it's not without sensation. ⁠
This post by @Alex encompasses the entire experience and culture we strive to create at @sunuwellness. Whether it's in business, family, home, etc., relationships should feel nourishing, kind and trusting. If that's not the type of relationship you have with your healthcare provider, know that it is possible at SuNu. ⁠
The newest member of the Minnetonka @sunuwellness Team is Aubry! Aubry is a Front Desk Coordinator and brings a a joyful new energy to the office. Her dedication to service, desire to help others and playful attitude make her a a delight to be near. ⁠