spreading the ripple effect

about suNu learning

SuNu Learning was a dream born from a desire to help our incredible wellness practitioners to spread their wealth of natural health knowledge and experience to a larger community. We are thrilled to be able to help spread the ripple effect of great health through the magic of online learning!

our mission and values

SuNu means new beginnings. This means that no matter what you’ve experienced in the world of health care, at SuNu you get a chance to start fresh and to share your wellness goals with our talented team of instructors and practitioners.

We strive to provide an environment that feels safe and welcoming, encouraging our client community to visit often and stay awhile. The SuNu Wellness team collaborates to nurture our clients, listen to them and customize every visit to ensure you leave feeling renewed, refreshed and full of hope.

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Awareness
  • Collaboration
  • Service
  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Responsibility

train & learn

Our multi-talented practitioners have studied and trained for many years in order to bring innovative health and healing techniques to the world.

help heal others

The motivation behind the movement is to help our community, and the larger population, to get well again. It is a plight of society that so many are falling ill, when so much can be done to heal the body naturally.

share with the larger community

This platform allows us to begin to share what we know with the world. We thank you for the opportunity to our knowledge with you!

to live a truly well life, we must embrace an attitude of gratitude.

We are truly grateful for all of the beautiful and incredible people that have made this company and this dream possible. Our talented staff, our amazing clients, and our loving families. A huge amount of gratitude goes out as well to the greater wellness community – all of those folks working hard to help heal the world through natural wellness techniques and therapies.