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SuNu means “New Beginnings”

at Sunu Learning you have the opportunity to make a fresh start towards the most vibrant YOU.

So jump in … explore, take a class, watch a video, get to know our teachers. Our talented team of healers will instruct you in range of different wellness techniques that you can start using RIGHT now to begin healing yourself from the inside – out.


the fresh start cleanse

article by Kristin Elam, Certified Health Coach  |  course by Heather Feider, Certified Health Coach

The words cleanse and detox are now a part of our dietary landscape and the list of methods for cleansing just keeps growing. While many are focused on juice only and fasting as a quick way to eliminate toxins, which may be great for some, the heavy restrictions make it impossible for some and totally undesirable or others.

For those of us seeking a more balanced way to cleanse our body, Heather has developed a cleanse that focuses on cleaning up your system using nourishing foods and supplements. She believes a cleanse is not about starving ourselves, it’s quite the opposite […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

From alignment, to self massage, to nutrition, to yoga, to energy healing … Sunu Learning offers a wide range of topics to guide you along your wellness journey.

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Explore natural wellness topics such as physical and energetic alignment through chiropractic, yoga, self-massage, acupressure, chakra balancing and how to heal your body through nutrition and supplementation, positive psychology, physical movement and aligning with your purpose.

frequently asked questions

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What is Sunu Learning?

An online learning platform, dedicated to helping you transform your life, heal your body, calm your mind, and generally be the best YOU you can be!

What is Sunu Wellness Center?

SuNu Wellness constitutes two brick and mortar wellness centers in the Minneapolis MN area. SuNu Wellness Centers welcome everyone and encourage you to stop by to learn more about what we do! Offering natural wellness services encompassing many different modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, energy healing, nutrition and mental health therapy.

Where is Sunu Wellness located?

We currently have two beautiful wellness centers, located in the amazing Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis as well as an expansive center with peaceful waterside vistas in northeast Minnetonka.

How do I sign up for classes?

Navigate to the Classes page to view our entire catalogue of Wellness Classes. If you would like to sign up for any of them (we offer both free and premium content) simply either click the Sign-up link on the class description page, or head over to our Shop page to add multiple classes to your cart. We also offer Membership bundles here that allow you to sign up for multiple classes at a time!

What is the cost?

We offer both Free and Premium content. Our premium/paid content prices start at a few dollars and go up. Check out our Shop page for more specific pricing information.

I’ve never taken an online class, where should I start?

Anywhere you’d like! Our class format is simple and easy to navigate. You can stop and start anytime and once you have signed up for a class, it is yours forever (unless stated otherwise in the description). If you have any trouble or have additional questions please don’t hesitate to Contact us.